28th November 2017

Like a lot of people, I have had a weight problem most of my life – until now. I am now in a position to share with people a massively powerful way of preventing and reversing obesity. This website will, I hope, develop into a good resource for people who want to use the ketogenic diet (keto diet) to lose weight.

I intend to provide resources, links, recipes and some of the theory behind this incredibly effective way of losing weight and keeping it off.

My story begins in 1958 – I was born to a refugee mother who had almost died of starvation at the end of WW2 and the whole family believed that food equaled love. Consequently, whenever the opportunity arose my generation was fed as much as possible. As a result of this I became an obese child, visiting the ‘specialist’ in a Middlesbrough hospital for regular weighings and ‘advice’. I progressed to be an obese teenager – I remember always being picked last for PE teams, for obvious reasons. Nothing worked and I got heavier and heavier.

Then, in the sixth form, I grew nine inches in height and finished at 6′ 7″. Even though I had a lot to lose this challenge was such that I ended up as a lanky streak of …….. Then, for the first time ever I began to show talent at sport – nothing major but I became a good table-tennis player.

At university, where I studied biology and chemistry, this journey continued. I became a good squash player, a decent weight lifter and generally all-round fit person. I was playing hours of sport every day and my weight dropped to about 13.5 stones – really skinny at 6′ 7″.

When I left university for the real world I didn’t really expect to return to being fat. But I did, bit by bit, year by year. I’d noticed at university how some foods had a strange effect on me; bloating, wind, actually making me noticeably fatter very quickly.

I studied to be a science teacher and settled down to the good life, still intrigued by the effects of food but unable to understand why things happened as they did. I suspected carbs were the problem but was unable to find any support for that suspicion. After all, we were being bombarded with official information that told us to eat carbs in all forms, pasta, bread, fruit etc. Why did these foods make me feel so poorly? Why did I eat them in vast quantities? Why did I seem to be addicted to them. I figured the clever government experts must be more knowledgeable than I so did as I was told. To cut a long story short I ended up at 22.5 stones by Easter 2017.

So what did I do? – I finished off every Easter egg and sweet within reach – ‘sod-it – I’m nearly 60’ was my attitude. If an ‘old’ man can’t indulge a bit then what is going on? I was still reasonably fit – I went to the gym several times a week, I was still very strong and could still run a mile or two, no problem. In fact, a few years ago I ran 10 miles when I weighed 20 stone or so, Because I was so tall people just thought I was a ‘big man’. I knew differently every time I looked in the mirror, which I did just after Easter. I decided enough was enough.

Over the years I have done every diet possible – really – and the only one that worked was Atkins, which I did in 2003. I lost over three stones very quickly and got down to 18.5 stones. I looked good too. Fit and strong. Then my mam died and I thought ‘What is the point?’ and my weight rocketed up again as I went back to normal eating habits.

I knew that Atkins had worked brilliantly, I also knew that carbs were my enemy from the evidence I saw over the years and I also knew, from what the ‘experts’ said, that Atkins was going to kill me (bear with me) and carbs were fab for me and not going to cause any problems (still bear with me). I decided to put my science training (I also have a Masters Degree in IT) to good use and started doing research. I found a load of stuff that told me that fat was my friend – heresy!!! Burn them!!! and carbs were the enemy. I was genuinely a bit worried to jump in but I needed to try something that would work. So I did.

I went totally ketogenic on 24th April 2017 and lost 11lbs in the first week – wow, was I pleased. I know all the ‘it’s only water’ rubbish that people spout but it isn’t all water. Some is, but some is fat. The next week 7lbs, then after that about 4-5lbs per week, without being hungry. As I write this, in late November 2017, I’m 5 stones lighter, the lightest I have been for decades, I am stronger and more muscular, faster than I’ve been for many years (I can run a sub 7min 30sec mile) and lots of irritating things don’t happen amy more (arthritis, skin rashes, fungal infections blah blah.

I’m sharing this so others can benefit too. Around the world are many people who have benefited from ketogenic diets. Many of the people I will point you to are vastly cleverer than I and I’ll leave most of the science to them but I will post simple science explanations of key parts of how and why it is so successful.

Good luck (not that you will need it).

Steve (The Ketoldie)