Bulletproof coffee is fantastic stuff

I absolutely love the idea of a creamy, foamy, frothy coffee. But if someone had told me a year or so ago that the best version of it would come by cutting a chunk of butter, a big spoon of coconut oil and blending it in coffee I would’ve laughed at them.

But my son got in touch one day to ask if I’d tried Bulletproof coffee (BPC) and had I heard of Dave Asprey? No to both questions. He explained what it was, I mimed a barfing reaction to the thought of it and figured Dave Asprey must be a little loony. Turns out he is actually rather bright and successful and the coffee is awesome.

Dave Asprey calls himself a ‘life hacker’ and he certainly is that. I don’t agree with/fancy doing all he tries (infusing himself with young blood, for example) but that is personal preference rather than any notion of it not doing what he wants it to do.

One of his earliest hacks was to create BPC. Apparently it came about after he was exhausted in the Himalayas and he made a fantastic recovery after drinking tea made with Yak’s butter. He then developed a version that uses cow’s butter and coconut oil. This then developed into a highly specialised version using his own sourced coffee beans and MCT oil (a specific type of oil that is digested quickly in the liver to produce ketones). It then went even more specific, using certain types of MCT oil and other specific ingredients.

My own take on this is that you can get exactly the same quality of experience, far cheaper, by using decent butter, ordinary coconut oil and a good blender. I live in the UK and source my coffee, butter and coconut oil from Aldi. TBH even my blender is from Aldi – what can I say? I like a bargain.

So here is how to make Butter/Coconut coffee

First put some fresh water to boil. I make two large mugs worth of BPC every morning.
Put coffee into a cafetiere to taste (I use two scoops for two mugs)Add butter and coconut oil to the blender (I use about one ounce of butter and about one ounce of coconut oil for the 2 mugs)Add the boiling water.
Blend well for about 30 secs. You will find you have a gorgeous, frothy, foamy coffee.

The perfect bulletproof coffee

This works out as having about 350-400 calories worth of BPC for the two mugs – 100% fat. You’ll probably find you feel incredibly full for hours. I can easily do without food all day after this and the other great thing is that it is fabulously , unashamedly ketogenic.

You will see many articles online that try to complicate things by using specific MCT oils, specific butters from specific cows fed in specific ways, specific coffees from specific countries grown in specific ways. There are lots of interesting discussions around mould, toxins, grass-fed cows (definitely the best for so many reasons, including cow welfare) but if you’re in the EU area you are well protected against coffee moulds and the other issues are not as great. Many consider salt-free Kerrygold butter to be the gold standard. It is delicious but I honestly couldn’t discern any taste difference or effect difference when using Aldi butter.

If you drink BPC let me know how you get on. Whether or not it is the real thing or my generic version I’d love to hear how you get on.

All the best,

Steve – the keto coach UK

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