The role of coaching in keto.

The bread is for someone else. LOL.

A lot of people think that it is all pointless – diet, exercise, the lot.

Typically, people like me have been dieting for years, even their whole lives. I was a fat kid, fat teenager up to the age of 17 and then slim until I reached my thirties and it all went on again. I reached a peak of 22.5 stones at 6’7″, which was way too much. How did I get that way? How could I let it happen? Why was I so powerless to stop the ever-expanding waistline? I wasn’t a lazy slob – I hit the gym several times a week and really went for it, so I ended up fit-fat. I often thought that I wasn’t eating much more than other people. But still I stayed fat and unhappy about it. So the model that the medical establishment pushes, that I was a lazy glutton was questionable. So, what was going on? If you’re reading this you’ll have a good idea of the answer.

Getting the theory sorted out in your head doesn’t necessarily mean you’re equipped to make the changes you need to. I knew for certain that carbs were having a negative effect on me from early on. But as they were ‘healthy’ I assumed I must be wrong. I could eat carbs all day  – bars of chocolate, bowls of cereal, bread, way beyond feeling full. You’ll know the bad feelings this causes – guilt for one, self-loathing for another and probably a steely determination never to do it again – lol.

So, what changed? In my case, I’ve always loved reading about self-improvement. I eventually decided to do the formal qualifications to become a Life Coach and the short version is I applied the things I learned as a coach to myself. And they worked! To be honest it is a bit strange doing the coaching thing on yourself; after all, you know how to overcome every tactic in your own head. And yet, it worked – 70lbs down in five months without feeling hungry once.

When applied to other people coaching is much more powerful. A good coach will get inside your head, find out your ‘bumps in the road’, what empowers you, what un-empowers you and will work with you to create a way forward. They will listen carefully to what you say but will also question and push so that you will find out many new things about yourself and what makes you YOU.

Coaching is immensely powerful when done properly and will not only release in you many abilities and directions you never thought you had but will let you use many of them in different aspects of your life. Talk about awesome!