A fabulous introductory guide to keto, T2DM and its benefits. Also, why the mainstream is wrong.

Mark’s Daily Apple is a source of awesome knowledge and a GoTo place for all matters nutritional and fitness.

In this article MDA looks at keto and its benefits for people with T2DM. I won’t go into much detail but if you are considering keto for weight loss and/or health this is a great place to start looking into the details of a ketogenic diet.

The article compares and contrasts the keto approach and the ‘traditional’ approach. Keto outperforms ‘traditional’ every time. If you’re worried about long term effects check out the Virta Health Blog post about their recently published One Year followup to a T2DM reversal programme.

Either way it is quite clear now that the science backs up the claims of the ‘keto heretics’ It works.