Dr Malhotra hits the nail on the head -Again!

Aseem Malhotra has been, and continues to be, a real pain in the mainstream medical behind – in the best possible way for you and me.

This article shows the true benefits that LCHF/Keto can bring. You are likely to find any medication you take for hypertension/T2DM can be reduced or even stopped altogether.

You will, for sure, be healthier and happier by following this lifestyle.

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Great tips from Dr Aseem Malhotra

A Comprehensive List of Low Carb Research

“A Comprehensive List of Low Carb Research” is the title of a fantastic blog post from Sarah Hallberg at Virta Health. In it she describes how there is a perception of a paucity of studies into the LCHF lifestyle and then shows how this is an inaccurate perception.

There are 76 studies that have nearly 7000 participants included and the results are supportive of the LCHF lifestyle. It is acknowledged that more work needs to be done but it is clear that LCHF is here to stay, is unlikely to have negative impact on health and is rather more likely to have a good impact.

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