Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Nutritional Ketosis

The unbelievably clever people at Virta Health have posted in their blog about using nutritional ketosis to reverse T2DM. This is a point of view that is yet to be fully accepted by the mainstream medical establishment, a real shame too as it seems to have more than enough evidence to support it.

The nearest similar approach to this problem seems to be the work done in Newcastle that uses ultra low calorie diets to reverse T2DM. This would seem to be fantastic news but I am struck by how difficult it would be to ‘live’ on only 600 calories a day. Imagine being told this was it for the next 50 years, or five years or even year. Many people have found that going keto has the same effect but without hunger. Clearly the medical aspects would need to be addressed in people with T2DM who were able to reverse their condition. For example, as Virta point out, what happens to medications? It seems they can largely be reduced or stopped entirely (obviously you would need to consult your doctor about this). A suggested exception (by Virta) is metformin, which, as they point out, can prevent pre-diabetes going on to be full diabetes.

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